Propane Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Our Fort Worth location (formerly Propane Bottle Service) started as a family business in 1946. Since our inception we have grown steadily. Today we are a full service company delivering propane to homes as well as installing tanks of all sizes for varying residential and commercial usage in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson and Hood counties. We are committed to providing reliable customer-centered care.


  • Propane delivery and service
  • Kerosene
  • Propane tank installation
  • Propane tank leasing for your home or business
  • Entire system maintenance including safety inspection
  • Delivery and payment plans that can be customized to meet your needs
  • Maintenance and repair of residential propane tanks including valves and gauges
  • Referrals for gas appliance repairs and maintenance
  • Appliance conversion from natural gas to propane

5216 Jacksboro Highway
Fort Worth, TX 76114



Our Service Area

Propane Fort Worth Texas
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What We Offer

Residential Services

Propane provides superior performance and is suitable for many uses in your home such as heating, water heating, cooking, grilling and clothes drying.

Commercial Services

United Propane provides a wide range of services for commercial propane users of varying sizes and applications.

System Parts

Propane gas systems occasionally need repairs for the continuous operation of the appliances.

Residential Propane Services

Our residential delivery services can be modified to meet your household budgets and preferences. Learn more about our Custom Pay Plan. Residential propane customers can order gas on a will-call basis or can participate in our “keep full” service.

Propane Cylinder Service

We stock and sell propane cylinders for all types of uses across our service area. Our propane cylinders for forklifts are in use for warehouse and materials handling applications. In addition to stocking propane cylinders, we offer services for forklift fleets, temporary heating and other applications. We also carry the commonly used 20 pound cylinders for bbq grills. We also carry sizes for particular applications such as travel trailers or construction jobs. RV and camping enthusiasts can find 30 pound and 40 pound cylinders available at our location. Moreover, construction and building contractors will find filling and sales of larger cylinders for roofing kettles and other needs.

Propane Tanks & Installation

We don’t just deliver propane. We install propane tanks and complete LP Gas systems. Our experienced installation personnel have installed several thousand propane tanks. A properly installed propane system can provide decades of safe and reliable storage for your residential or commercial energy needs.

Our customers have several choices when it comes to propane tank installation. You can lease it from us for a low annual tank lease rate or you can buy your tank outright. We offer several sizes of tanks ranging from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons in capacity. Our experienced staff will work with you to determine what size best fits your needs.

We also help our customers decide whether to install their tank above ground or underground. We plan each installation to minimize the amount of disruption to your schedule and property.

Commercial Services

United Propane is dedicated to ensuring your business is adequately supplied and well taken care of. Whether it’s heat for your building, fuel for cooking or propane to run your fleet of trucks or forklifts, United Propane ensures your demands are met and your expectations exceeded to minimize downtime.

Our service department routinely sets propane tanks for stationary and temporary installations. We can provide multi-tank LP Gas system installations, complex distribution systems and resale dispenser stations. Our propane tank programs are available in sizes ranging from small to much larger, bulk storage tanks. We have programs to meet your needs.

United Propane serves the needs of propane-powered forklift fleets with on-site deliveries. Our forklift accounts consist of as few as one or two lifts to larger fleets of forklifts in multiple locations.


We are one of the few companies to carry kerosene in Fort Worth, which is becoming increasingly hard to find at reasonable prices and in usable amounts. At our convenient location on Jacksboro Highway in northwest Fort Worth, we offer kerosene in any quantity you require. From ½ gallon to large bulk quantities we can provide industrial grade kerosene at commercially reasonable prices. You can bring your container to our office to have it filled or for extremely large quantities of kerosene, we can arrange for delivery to your location.


Custom Pay Plan

Our Custom Pay Plan takes the surprise and worry out of your heating bills. Instead of paying in full at each delivery, you may choose the Custom Pay Plan to even out your annual propane costs over a period up to 12 payments. Since these monthly bills are the same, you can more easily manage your monthly household expenses.

We start by reviewing your previous year’s propane use, then estimate your usage and cost for the coming year. If you lease your propane tank from us we will also include your annual lease payment. We divide your expected energy cost by the number of months remaining until the end of the program (program runs from April to March). At the end of the program we will determine the actual cost of the fuel you purchased and reconcile the remaining balance due or credit available.

When you enroll in the Custom Pay Plan you always qualify for our best pricing and you are entitled to participate in our “Keep Full” program.