Dallas, Texas

Our Dallas location (formerly Huffhines Gas) has served the needs of residential, commercial and industrial propane users for more than 70 years. We are a full service company delivering propane to homes and businesses as well as installing and leasing tanks of all sizes for various uses. Our capabilities extend beyond that of most propane companies in the Dallas area. Our focus is customer care and quality service with safety as our top priority.


  • Propane delivery and service
  • Propane tank installation
  • Propane tank leasing for your home or business
  • Entire system maintenance including safety inspection
  • Delivery and payment plans that can be customized to meet your needs
  • Maintenance and repair of residential propane tanks including valves and gauges
  • Referrals for gas appliance repairs and maintenance
  • Appliance conversion from natural gas to propane

  • Street Address:
    9323 South Central Expressway
    Dallas, TX 75241
  • Mailing Address:
    PO Box 709
    Hutchins, TX 75141



Our Service Area

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What We Offer

Residential Services

Propane provides superior performance and is suitable for many uses in your home such as heating, water heating, cooking, grilling and clothes drying.

Commercial Services

United Propane provides a wide range of services for commercial propane users of varying sizes and applications.

System Parts

Propane gas systems occasionally need repairs for the continuous operation of the appliances.

Residential Propane Services

Our residential delivery services can be modified to meet your household budgets and preferences. Learn more about our Custom Pay Plan. Residential propane customers can order gas on a will-call basis or can participate in our “keep full” service.

Our system services include:

  • Repair and modification of residential propane piping, both exterior and interior
  • Maintenance and repair of a residential propane tanks including valves, gauges and other propane tank appurtenances
  • Maintenance and repair of propane gas appliances
  • Referrals for gas appliance repairs and maintenance
  • Appliance conversion from natural gas to propane

Commercial Services

United Propane provides a wide range of services for commercial propane users of varying sizes and applications. Our customers include restaurants, offices, and warehouses. We understand that each business has a unique set of needs, and we work to ensure the needs of your organization are met and your expectations are exceeded. Our commercial services include propane delivery to both bulk storage tanks as well as propane cylinder delivery for forklifts.

The largest segment of our commercial business involves providing fuel for forklift fleets. Whether you operate one forklift or 100, your business depends on continuous operation. We work to design a fueling system that meets your demand needs, budget and any municipal regulations.

Propane Cylinder Service

Our company stocks and sells and leases propane cylinders for all types of uses across our service area. Cylinder types we stock include:

  • Cylinders for forklift users as well as temporary heating and other applications such as temporary heat
  • Cylinders for lawnmowers
  • Cylinders for travel trailers
  • 20 pound cylinders for barbeque grills
  • Larger 120 pound (25 gallon) cylinders for roofing kettles and other jobsite needs requiring propane

Multi-Tank Installations and Community Propane Distribution Systems

We undertake projects of all sizes including municipal distribution systems for entire neighborhoods utilizing propane. We also handle multi-tank installations and high volume demand systems.

We also have the ability to design a propane system and propane tank installation estimate based on a set of plans. Following your approval, one of our Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex service crews will install your propane tank and subsequent system components including all exterior gas plumbing.

Propane Tanks & Installation

We don’t just deliver propane. We install propane tanks and complete LP Gas systems. Our experienced service and installation personnel have installed several thousand propane tanks. A properly installed propane system can provide decades of safe and reliable storage for your residential or commercial energy needs.

Our consumers have several choices when it comes to propane tank installation. You can lease it from us for a low annual tank lease rate, or you can buy your tank outright.

We offer several sizes of tanks ranging from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons in capacity. Larger tanks. such as a 1,000-gallon tank, are designed for large homes or commercial buildings where substantial gas usage is expected. Our experienced staff will work with you to determine what size best fits your needs.

We help our customers decide on whether to install their tank above ground or underground. Our installation plans strive to minimize the amount of disruption to your schedule and property.

Propane System Parts

Propane gas systems occasionally need repairs for the continuous safe operation of the system. United Propane stocks and installs any of the propane distribution parts that may need replacing. We use only quality parts and supplies from reputable suppliers to ensure our customers are safely cared for. Some of the parts we stock include valves, gas lines, gas piping, tank parts, connections and regulators.

Custom Pay Plan

Our Custom Pay Plan takes the surprise and worry out of your heating bills. Instead of paying in full at each delivery, you may choose the Custom Pay Plan to even out your annual propane costs over a period up to 12 payments. Since these monthly bills are the same, you can more easily manage your monthly household expenses.

We start by reviewing your previous year’s propane use, then estimate your usage and cost for the coming year. If you lease your propane tank from us we will also include your annual lease payment. We divide your expected energy cost by the number of months remaining until the end of the program (program runs from April to March). At the end of the program we will determine the actual cost of the fuel you purchased and reconcile the remaining balance due or credit available.

When you enroll in the Custom Pay Plan you always qualify for our best pricing and you are entitled to participate in our “Keep Full” program.